Top Ten Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Productivity. We all want to be more productive, to use our time more effectively, for our staff to be efficient with their use of time and energy. There are myriad ways to be more productive once you begin searching, article after article dedicated to things like time management and standing desk benefits. Here are our top ten picks for productivity researched just for you.


1. Limit social media

Open up Facebook for a ‘quick look’ and before you know it you are down the rabbit hole of posts and links and discussions and an hour has passed. Scrolling the Twitter stream is just as bad, and even LinkedIn can be just as distracting if you’re not careful. Studies show how much of a time waster social media can be. So limit your time, set an alarm for ten minutes and then stop immediately. Get an app that stops you from accessing social media and then use it!


2. Know when you’re at your best

Understanding when you personally are most productive and then prioritising your tasks accordingly is an excellent way to boost your productivity. After all, there’s no point in attempting that brain-intensive task just after lunch when your energy is at a low ebb - it will take you longer and probably won’t be your best work. Get to know your rhythms and plan your day around them.


3. Stand up and move

Get up off your seat and move around regularly. Move your body every half hour or so, even if it is only for a few minutes. This will get different muscles moving and your blood pumping a little harder - all good things for your body. If possible do the next hack on the list and get a standing desk.

4. Stand up to work

Standing desks have been growing in popularity for a few years now, although Winston Churchill was known to have used one so they are not a new idea, and recent studies have shown proven benefits for productivity. Many well-known companies such as Google and Facebook are also supporters of the use of standing desks. You can use a basic model which allows for standing only or purchase one which adjusts not only to your height but also if you wish to use it for sitting and standing depending on your day’s tasks.


5. Do what is important

Often you are faced with tasks that seem urgent, however are they important? The important tasks are that ones that move you forward towards your goal, urgent tasks are often distractions which usually turn out to be not that urgent after all. Learn to distinguish between urgency and importance.


6. Set a routine

Especially a morning routine, for how you spend your mornings sets you up for the rest of the day. If you are rushed and disorganised in the morning then you will probably at least feel that way for the rest of the day.


7. Clear your desk

Your desk doesn’t have to be a pristine wasteland however keeping it clear of clutter and having only what you are working on around you will help clear your mind from distractions and enable you to work more productively.

Clear your desk for productivity

8. Stay hydrated

Making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day has many benefits including increasing your productivity and enabling you to think more clearly.


9. Quit Perfectionism

Results matter, not whether the 't' was crossed and the 'i' dotted. If you are spending too much time on ‘getting things perfect’ instead of ‘getting things done’ then you are not being as productive as you could be. Perfectionism can often be procrastination in disguise, let go of perfect and get results.Remember, perfect is the enemy of good!


10. Control interruptions

If you are working on a task and get interrupted it can take around ten minutes to get your brain back on that task. Get interrupted three times and that is potentially half an hour of productive work time lost.  Find ways to minimise interruptions, turn off your phone notifications, stick a notice on your cubicle or door (or find someplace else to work), shut down your email tab in your browser. Control the interruptions so you can concentrate on being productive.

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